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Our Story

The history of our store began at the end of the last century. our family had an apiary in Tien Shan mountains and I helped take care of the bees and sell honey and bee products. Later I graduated from the biological faculty of the university.

Then I continue to study and because I knew a lot about bee products I participated in research related to bee products. In particular, these studies were associated with researching the effect of bee products on the human body. But unfortunately, we could not finish our research in our country due to the great economic and political crises.

A few years ago we moved to California and Once upon a time, me and my wife decided to make our dream a reality by founding an online store that specializes in natural foods and started with honey, and bee products. We spent countless hours researching and sourcing only the finest natural food to offer our customers a unique and healthy shopping experience.
I know firsthand how hard farming work is, and therefore our second task is to support farmers who produce natural food.

We have recently launched and started with honey, bee products, and olive oil from around the world.

“You are what you eat” and we believe that the quality of food is crucial to all of us.