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10% off on all purchases

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Earn EpkaCoins

Birthday Surprise

How to Earn EpkaCoins

  • Make Your First Order: Earn 5 EpkaCoins
  • Reach $50 in a Single Purchase: Earn 1 EpkaCoin.
  • Reach $100 in a Single Purchase: Earn 2 EpkaCoins.
  • Write a Product Review: Earn 2 EpkaCoins.
  • Leave a Comment on a Blog Post: Earn 1 EpkaCoin.

How to Use EpkaCoins

1 EpkaCoin = $1
Redeem EpkaCoins for discounts on future purchases.

Login and easily monitor your ECoins balance through a user-friendly user Dashboard. Your coins are credited after your order has been assembled and handed over for delivery.

You will be able to reduce any purchase total (like a discount) by using an amount of EpkaCoins at checkout page.

Example Scenario

First Purchase of $120

  • Get a 10% discount (save $12).
  • Earn 8 EpkaCoins (5 for first order + 1 for reaching $50 + 2 for reaching $100).

Total Savings: $12 + 8 EpkaCoins (1 EpkaCoin = $1) = $20.

Next Purchase of $110

  • Get a 10% discount.
  • Redeem your EpkaCoins from the first purchase.
  • Earn 5 EpkaCoins (2 for reaching $50 + 3 for reaching $100).

Continue to save and earn on each purchase!

Join our club today and start earning EpkaCoins  on every purchase!

and stay tuned for upcoming perks designed to enhance your shopping experience even further.